Levels and Trends of Fertility and Infant Mortality in the West Bank-Palestine
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Original research
  • Oqab Jabali

Abstract:This study aims at tracing and analyzing the prevailing trends and up-to-date levels of fertility rates, and infant and child mortality, among Palestinians in the occupied territories of the West Bank, depending on recent data from sample surveys conducted in the last two decades. The paper sheds light on the socioeconomic factors besides the medical ones. The findings show that fertility transition is, continuously, in progress; it is considered high compared to other countries, although data of the last decade of the last century revealed that fertility is declining. The researcher also finds that infant and child mortality is declining, despite being high, compared to other countries around the globe. These results may be attributed to improvement in the quality of life, access to medical services, development of health services, and increased health awareness among the population. To attain better results, the researcher calls for improving the quality of care and creating a culture of medical responsibility and accountability among citizens—let alone ending of the long dispute among the major Palestinian factions.

Perspectives on Global Development and Technology, Volume 12, Issue 5-6, pages 561 – 569
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Both (Printed and Online)