Nurse-Patient Trust Relationship
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The aim of this review is to provide understanding of the trust in relation to the nurse-patient relationship. The most important part of nursing is the nurse-patient relationship, which is essential to nursing practice, and one of the most important in this relation is trust.
The concept of trust is particular interest to nursing as it has been identified as an important element in the nurse-patient relationship. This concept is an important consideration in the nurse-patient relationship. It can be easily established as well as easily broken. Once the patient walks into the hospital, he/she depends on the nurse for trust and for the nurse to have morals. If the expectations of the patient are not met by the nurse, trust along with the relationship will be lost.
As Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relation in nursing there are four phases of the nurse-patient relationship (Orientation Phase, Identification Phase, Exploitation Phase, Resolution Phase), the trust starts on the first phase (Orientation Phase). It builds when the client is confident in the nurse and when the nurse’s presence conveys integrity and reliability, also it develops when the client believes that the nurse will be consistent in his or her own words and actions and can be relied on to do what he or she says. Trust include nurse to: Caring, Openness, Objectivity, Respect, Interest, Understanding, Consistency, Treating the client as a human being, Suggesting without telling, Approachability, Listening, Keeping promises, Honesty.

All nurses must strive to achieve the trust relationship in order to provide good care in comfortable environment.

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