Perception of Sales Managers, Sales Persons and Customers towards Sales Force Automation Technology in Palestine
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Original research

In line with the global markets’ current trend, the Palestinian market has recently witnessed consecutive implementations of different sales technologies by leading firms in different industries; one of these technologies is the Sales Force Automation (SFA) technology. However, although the adoption and use of sales technologies have been attractive topics for IT literature over the last two decades, the Palestinian empirical research remains silent in this regard, leaving the outcomes of implementing and using the SFA technology in the Palestinian market unveiled yet. Accordingly, this study unfolds the outcomes of SFA usage and uncovers whether this technology tells a success- or a failure-story among the Palestinian firms employing it. Based on literature review and a case study of SFA implementation by one of the leading Palestinian firms, a group of expected outcomes was hypothesized to measure the realization of the SFA technology benefits from three perspectives: sales managers, salespersons, and customers. The results show that using SFA technology in the Palestinian commercial firms has achieved all of its expected outcomes as indicated by responses of sales managers, salespersons, and related customers who were totally appreciating this technology and its key benefits.

Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp.67-74
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