Effect of Feeding Treated Wheat Straw with Urea on Growing Frisian Calves in Palestine
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Original research
  • Dr. Jamal Abo Omar
  • Dr. Hatem A. EL Shanti

A feeding trial was conducted for fattening frisian calves using treated wheat straw with urea to study the nutritional effect and search for higher income.  A feeding trial lasted for 168 days with ten growing Frisian calves averaging 210 kg tow similar groups.  Calves were divided into two groups, first group fed ration A, 75% concentrate mix plus 25% untreated wheat straw, while the second group fed ration B, 75% concentrate mix plus 25% treated wheat straw with 2% urea.  Average daily gain was significantly higher for calves fed ration B compared to those fed ration A.  Ration A. It was .73 and .86 kg for ration A and B, respectively. Animals fed rations containing treated wheat straw with urea, were significantly (p<05) better in feed conversion than those fed untreated wheat straw.  It is concluded that the weight gain obtained through the treatment of wheat straw with urea will increase the income of local farmers. However, under the current feed and meat prices in Palestine, urea treatment proves to be economically feasible

Islamic Univ. Journal, Vol. 7 No. 2
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Both (Printed and Online)