Effects of Feeding Different Levels of Sesame Oil Cake on Performance and Digestibility of Awassi Lambs
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Original research
  • Jamal M. Abo Omar

This experiment investigated the effect of feeding different levels of sesame oil cake on the intake and digestibility of DM, CP, crude fiber, and crude fat in Awassi fattening lambs. Sesame oil cake was incorporated into lamhs’ rafions at levels of 10 and 20% to replace similar percentages of barley and soybean. The results showed that the high level of sesame oil cake inclusion decreased DM and protein intake, however, it increased (P<0.05) crude fiber, crude fat and copper intake. Addition of 20% sesame oil cake also increased (P<0.05) the digestibility of CP and crude fiber. Sesame oil cake resulted in more daily gain and better feed conversion efficiency compared to control. The results indicated that addition of sesame oil cake to Awassi lambs’ rations had some economical advantages in digestibility and performance compared to traditional fattening rations. The higher cost of gain was in lambs fed the commercial fattening feed. Sesame oil cake reduced (P<0.05) cost of gain. This was because of the low costs of rations incorporated with sesame oil cake.

Small Ruminant Research Volume 46, Issues 2-3, Pages 187-190
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