Enterococcus Devriesei Sp. Nov., Associated With Animal Sources
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Original research
  • Pavel Švec
  • Marc Vancanneyt
  • Joanna Koort
  • Sabri M. Naser
  • Bart Hoste
  • Elina Vihavainen
  • Peter Vandamme
  • Jean Swings
  • Johanna Björkroth

The taxonomic position of two bovine strains, LMG 13603 and LMG 14595, assigned to the species Enterococcus raffinosus on the basis of biochemical features, was reinvestigated. Both reference strains and two other isolates, 6/1 (=LMG 22829) originating from a charcoal-broiled river lamprey and IE38.4 (=LMG 22830) from the air of a poultry slaughter by-product processing plant, occupied a clearly separate position, on the basis of sequence analysis of the housekeeping gene pheS (encoding the phenylalanyl-tRNA synthase α-subunit), relative to the type strain of E. raffinosus and all other enterococcal species with validly published names. 16S rRNA gene sequencing of strains LMG 13603, LMG 14595, 6/1 and IE38.4 confirmed their phylogenetic position in the Enterococcus avium species group, there being more than 99 % 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity to most members of the group, including E. raffinosus, and revealed Enterococcus pseudoavium as the closest phylogenetic relative (99·8–99·9 %). Further phenotypic and genotypic analyses using whole-cell-protein electrophoresis, (GTG)5-PCR fingerprinting, ribotyping and DNA–DNA hybridization experiments demonstrated that all four strains represent a novel enterococcal species, for which the name Enterococcus devriesei sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is LMG 14595T (=CCM 7299T).

Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 55, 2479-2484
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Both (Printed and Online)