Results of Palestinian Public Opinion Poll No. 17
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  • Hussein Ahmad

Background: The Elections Court approved the reopening of the chance of candidacy for six hours. Through the granted period, Fateh was able to unite the two lists into one. The total number of lists running for the legislative elections is now eleven and the number of candidates running through their local circles is 414 distributed among a different spectrum of parties, political affiliations and social backgrounds. Added to the above number is another number of independent candidates. The campaigns for all candidates were launched at the end of the last week. There is still a concern among Palestinian public that Israel may disallow Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem to participate in the legislative elections which may mean a total cancellation of elections. Meanwhile, Israel continues its assassinations of “wanted” Palestinians and incursions in some Palestinian cities. Further, Israel is creating an isolation belt North of Gaza Strip
The Results: Following are the results of the Seventeenth Palestinian Public Opinion Poll conducted by the Center for Opinion Polls and Survey Studies at An-Najah National University during the period from January 5 to 6, 2006. The University sponsors all polls conducted by its Center. This poll undertakes several subjects centered on the coming Palestinian legislative elections, in addition to political sympathies.
The sample included 1360 persons whose age group is 18 and above and who have the right to vote. The enclosed questionnaire was distributed on 860 persons from the West Bank and 500 persons from the Gaza Strip. The sample was drawn randomly and the margin of error is about ±3%; still 2.8% of the members of the sample refused to answer the questionnaire.
* The Opinions represented in the results reflect those of the study; they do not represent by any means the opinion of An-Najah National University. 

Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine, 5-6 January
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