Neuronal Types in the Human Anterior Ventral Thalamic Nucleus: A Golgi Study
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Neurons in the anterior ventral (AV) thalamic nucleus of human adults were impregnated by Golgi-Kopsch impregnation method. Results showed that at least three morphological types of neurons could be recognized in the human AV thalamic nucleus. Type I neurons were medium to large with rich dendritic arborization. Both tufted and radiating dendritic branching patterns were seen in almost every neuron of this type. Only the initial axonal segments of these cells were impregnated suggesting that these axons were heavily myelinated. Type II neurons were medium in size with poor to moderate dendritic arborization. Many of these cells possess a few dendritic grape-like appendages. Long segments (up to 300 μm) of their axons were impregnated suggesting that these axons were either unmyelinated or thinly myelinated. These axons change their direction and form loops very often. No local branches were seen for these axons suggesting that they could be projection axons. Type III neurons were small with only one or two dendrites with poor arborization. No axons for these cells were seen in this study. The three neuronal types in the human AV thalamic nucleus were compared with neuronal types already described in other thalamic nuclei of human and non-human species. The results of this study might provide a morphological basis for further electrophysiological and / or pathological studies.

Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology September 2007, Volume 27, Issue 6, pp 745-755
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