Advanced Laparoscopy: Mobilizaion of Intra Abdominal Transverse Testicular Ectopia
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Introduction: Crossed testicular ectopia/transverse testicular ectopia is an extremely rare anomaly, in which both gonads migrate toward the same hemiscrotum. Transseptal orchiopexy via contralateral inguinal incision is the treatment of choice if adequate length of spermatic cord is present. We report a case, where laparoscopic-assisted transabdominal orchiopexy offered an alternative to orchiectomy in a patient lacking adequate spermatic cord length for transseptal orchiopexy via contralateral inguinal incision. Case report: We recently encountered a 12 years old boy who had crossed testicular ectopia, he was a healthy pubertal boy with a normally descended right testis, impalpable left testis, and undeveloped left empty scrotum. Laparoscopic examination revealed absence of the left deep inguinal ring, with the vas Deferens and testicular vessels of the left testicle crossing the midline, then exiting the right deep inguinal ring. However the left testis found to be intraabdomilal nears the right deep inguinal ring. The ectopic vas deference and vessels were dissected; however there was not enough length to achieve transseptal orchiopexy via this contralateral inguinal incision. The ectopic testicle mobilized, left inguinal incision employed, an internal inguinal opening created and left orchiopexy achieved. Discussion & Conclusion: Transverse testicular ectopia is a rare anomaly for which the routine use of diagnostic laparoscopy in the setting of an impalpable testis should aid in proper diagnosis and management.

The Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences, Volume 15, Supplement 1, 2008
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