Results of Palestinian Public Opinion Poll No 22
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  • Hussein Ahmad

Background Three Palestinian factions carried out a military operation against the Israeli soldiers in Karm Abu Salem near the Gaza Strip which resulted in taking an Israeli soldier as a prisoner of war and in killing another number of them. Following the operation Israel launched its military attacks on the Gaza Strip under the pretext of freeing the soldier. Several Arab and international parties tried to mediate in favor of freeing the Israeli soldier with no avail. The Palestinian factions holding the Israeli soldier avowed that they will not release their prisoner unless Israel agrees on a swap that would free, in return, Palestinian children, women and prisoners who spent a long term in the Israeli jails. Israel refused to negotiate and continued its aggression on the Gaza Strip and arrested a number of Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) members and ministers. On the other side of the scene, Hezbullah announced taking two Israeli prisoners of war and demanded a swap with Lebanese, Arab, and Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails; Israel rejected Hezbullah's initiative and waged war against Lebanon.
Under the above circumstances several Arab and international reactions were issued; some condemned Israel and others held Hezbullah responsible for the escalation that led to the present crisis. What is really noteworthy is what the secretary of the Arab League has said following the meeting of the Arab foreign ministers; the secretary announced the Middle East peace process dead and said that it has been decided that the case be referred to the United Nations.
The Results Following are the results of the 22nd Palestinian Public Opinion Poll conducted by the Center for Opinion Polls and Survey Studies at An-Najah National University during the period from July 19 to 21, 2006. The University sponsors all polls conducted by its Center.
This poll undertakes the opinion of Palestinian public concerning the new political realities and particularly the war waged by Israel on the Gaza Strip and Lebanon and the position of the Arab countries towards this crisis. In addition the poll evaluates the performance of Palestinian private and public institutions.

Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine, 19-21 July 2009
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