CISCONF: A Tool For The Automatic Configuration Of Cisco Routers
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Original research

In this research, the process of automating router configuration was investigated. The ability to have powerful routers that maintain a stable, reliable, and dependable network is a major problem for Network Specialists. A manual configuration of routers can solve such problem; however, the repetition of such process on a regular basis as well as tracking too many, and different types of routers, is a tedious process. Furthermore, performing a manual configuration correctively requires good knowledge of necessary configuration commands. An automatic configuration, on the other hand, can always result in having the same configuration steps being performed every time the process is repeated. Configuration parameters can always be stored in some sort of a database with specific parameters for specific routers and thus minimizing the amount of information a network engineer has to track. To validate this research, a tool called CISCONF; CISco router CONFiguration was implemented, tested, and compared to other existing tools.

Abhath Al-Yarmouk
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Both (Printed and Online)