Teaching approaches and satisfaction of medical students during anesthesia rotation :a multicenter cross sectional study
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Background Anesthesia training is an important component of medical education. This multicenter study was conducted to determine the teaching approaches used during anesthesia training or rotations and to assess the satisfaction of the medical students.
Methods This multicenter study was conducted in a cross-sectional design. The study was conducted among 5th and 6th year medical students who completed their anesthesia rotations in different training centers in Palestine. The data were collected using a questionnaire in adherence to the strengthening the reporting of observational studies in epidemiology statement.
Results Questionnaires were returned by 385 medical students. The mean anesthesia rotation length was 12.4 ± 2.1 days. On average, the students witnessed 7.8 ± 4.9 procedures performed under general, regional, and local anesthesia in a week. Of the students, 135 (35.1%) and 126 (32.8%) stated that the educators always or often explained how and why they did procedures or techniques during the anesthesia rotation and assessed their baseline level of knowledge before giving new knowledge or explaining things. On the other hand, stepping back and allowing the trainees
to work through, presenting articles or literature relevant to the case, and being open to trying new or different procedures or techniques were less often reported by the medical students. Less than half of the students were satisfied with their competencies gained through the anesthesia rotation.
Conclusion Educators used active and effective teaching or training approaches less frequently during the anesthesia rotations. The findings of this study also showed that the medical students were not satisfied with their competencies after their anesthesia rotations. More studies are still needed to determine the best ways to improve anesthesia rotations and medical education or training in Palestine.
Keywords Anesthesiology, Medical education, Medical students, Anesthesia training, Palestine

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