Exploring Artificial Intelligence Criminal Liability: Navigating the Legal Frontier
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Conference Paper


Many legal systems are swaying to cope with the dramatic progress of the artificial intelligence (AI) technology, particularly in relation to the matters of criminal culpability. The examination of the literature around the AI reveals the delicate links between developments in the AI and the opulent framework of criminal liability. This paper strives to deeply examine the various layers of AI criminal liability by focusing on the actors that might be involved when AI systems contribute to criminal activity.

This examination uses a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates legal analysis of the moral questions of the developer, user and AI machines in the increasingly automated world. The main goal of this paper is to clarify the current gaps and uncertainties in holding the abovementioned AI systems actors accountable for criminal activities by closely highlighting the potential legal frameworks that might fill the gap from general viewpoint. The conventional frontiers are blurred by the complex web of AI operation and development as well as the capability to make judgments on one's own.

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The First Scientific Conference for the Faculty of Law at Losil University: the Law and the Artificial Intellegence
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Sept. 12, 2023 - Sept. 15, 2023
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Losil University