A Systematic Review of How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Our Work: Preliminary Findings
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Conference Paper

As a consequence of the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, workers worldwide were no longer able to perform their work activities from the office due to measures taken by their governments to contain the incidence of infection but had to move to the home office. Both employees and employers were unprepared for such a radical shift and therefore faced challenges coping with this new situation. In order to perform an equivalent amount of work in the home office, employees had to rely on ICT tools, as these were what made working in the modern digital world from the home office possible in the first place. However, their use sometimes caused difficulties for employees. This paper investigates the effects of the pandemic on work through a systematic literature review including 147 papers to answer the question “what are the effects the of COVID-19 pandemic on work?”

Conference Title
MENA Conference on Information Systems
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Saudi Arabia
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Nov. 14, 2022 - Nov. 16, 2022
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The Association for Information Systems (AIS)