How Refugees Perceive Digital Learning Systems During the COVID-19 Lockdown
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Short communication

To contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, most governments have temporarily closed schools and universities and introduced digital learning solutions. In this context, it is essential to ensure inclusive digital learning from the perspective of vulnerable groups, e.g., refugees. In particular, because previous research has identified education as a crucial factor towards social inclusion of immigrants and refugees. In this study, we investigate the current homeschool-ing strategy from the perspective of refugee and immigrant families along three dimensions: readiness for-, barriers to-, and impressions and potential of digital learning. The goal of our study is to derive initial guidelines and recommendations for decision-makers to reach inclusive digital learning. We have performed a qualitative study among refugee and immigrant families in Germany, then designed a comprehensive quantitative study. In this paper, we show the preliminary insights of this ongoing effort by presenting results of our qualitative study to understand the needs of these vulnerable groups.

Middle East & North Africa Conference for Information System
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United States of America
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