Utilizing Palestinian Folklore Games in Developing the Local Furniture Industry; an Applied Research on Tables
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Original research

serving the recent local furniture industry.
This research, both theoretical and applied,
deals with pieces of furniture that are based
on the most essential elements of Palestinian
folklore and cultural heritage. The
manufacturing process focuses on using
advanced techniques and up-to-date materials
that are available in the Palestinian market
today. The study shows that both local
designers and manufacturers can branch out
worldwide and also be locally distinguished
from others by means of three main axes. The
first is modernization and innovation in the
use of one of the most prominent icons of
folklore, Palestinian traditional games, and
utilization of its terminology and elements in
accordance with the variables of the present
day while preserving the traditional
Palestinian identity and theme. The second
one is identifying the technological
capabilities and the accessibility of materials
in the industry and more specifically in the
local market, and to fully optimize their use.
The third axis deals with not focusing solely
on competing unrealistically with unavailable
or overpriced materials, due to the current
conditions set by the Israeli occupation which
prevents Palestinian industries from importing
or using high technology in the Palestinian
market for various reasons.
Keywords: Furniture, Contemporary
furniture, Folklore, Heritage, the Palestinian
furniture industry sector.

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