The effect of occupational exposure to petrol on pulmonary function parameters: a cross sectional study in Palestine
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Gas stations are a major source of air pollution in modern and urban areas. Previous studies showed that petrol products have some effect on lung function. So, a cross sectional study aims to determine the effect of exposure of petrol products on lung functions of gas station workers. Lung function is measured by spirometer. A total of 84 workers were screened. There mean-age was 40.6 +/- 14.5 years. According to the type of lung status, 78.57% of workers showed lung disease. 76.19% were restrictive lung disease, 2.38% were obstructive lung disease and 21.43% of workers were normal. The mean of the FEV1 of the sample was 3.0846 ± 0.703 compared with predictive value of 3.836 ±0.645 (p-value= 0.001). On the other hand, the mean of the FVC for the study sample was 3.491 +/- 0.791 compared with the normal reference value of 4.822 +/-0.724 (p-value=0.001). The descriptive statistics of the FEV1/FVC ratio of these two parameters was 88.77 ± 1.018 compared with a normal reference of FEV1/FVC ratio of 79.488 ± 0.437(P-value=0.001). In this study we found that gas station workers suffer from a serious effect on their lungs.

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