Mapping Arabic Text Studying Material With The Most Suitable Student Grade
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Students’ poor comprehension is one of the major difficulties that struggle with fully understanding passages. Several factors are related to this problem such as huge material cramming, the absence of creativity, and unsuitable vocabularies. Reading is one of the vital methods to increase students’ vocabularies which reflects positively on their comprehension. The suitable mapping between reading materials and students’ levels of comprehension is very important in enhancing their reading practice as well as preventing them from feeling frustrated because of the lack of suitable reading materials. In this work, we implemented an Arabic classifier tool based on a Language Modeling Approach used in English and French documents to match reading materials with students’ comprehension so that the tool can suggest the lowest level of student grade that fits the tested material. Moreover, the tool can be used to study the comprehension level of students by analyzing their answers to some textual writing assignments as a method to better tune the teaching skills and techniques to increase student's comprehension levels. As an initial effort, 3 subjects were chosen to test the tool (Arabic, Science, and Islamic Studies). A set of students from different schools were chosen for the experimental tests in which good results were achieved.

The 2022 ASU International Conference in Emerging Technologies for Sustainability and Intelligent Systems (ICETSIS)
جامعة العلوم التطبيقية
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