Legal Responsibility for traffic accidents In accordance with civil and criminal law
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With the evolution of the technological and industrial revolution, and with economic development and increased need for transportation and motorized vehicles, many problems and challenges were emerged. The most important of these problems was the increase of traffic accidents. We know that the use of vehicles in itself is a threat to the lives of pedestrians and vehicle users, and both are at risk of being hit or run over, resulting in physical injuries and damage to property. In addition, the breach of traffic safety laws is considered to be an offence and can result in death and permanent disability, and the act itself may be intentional, constituting an intentional crime, often unintentional, and constituting an unintentional offence.

From the legal point of view and by applying the legislation, we face an important legal situation, which is to determine liability in the event of a road accident, and to know who is the cause, who is responsible, and who is the victim. So we had to study the issue of the road accident liability and the impact of the commitment on both sides of the relationship. The incident may have caused serious injuries and damage, requiring the victim and his/her representative to punish the perpetrator after elements of criminal responsibility are available, in order to achieve deterrence and a sense of justice, security and stability. The victim's aim may not be to punish the offender, but to compensate him for the damage suffered. With the insurance contract being one of the most important contracts regulated by the legislation, it is clear that the legislator has guaranteed a sponsor capable of fulfilling the obligations of the insured person to compensate the injured person, and this contract protects the injured from the judicial claim or even the insurer's friendliness and guarantees his compensation. In addition, it is a guarantee to the victim against the risk of the debtor's insolvency by the obligation to compensate, and reassurance that his/her right is not lost.

Key Words: civil liability, criminal responsibility, Insurance, road accidents, Compensation.

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المؤتمر الوطني الاول بعنوان "القانون والسلامة المرورية
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Dec. 1, 2021 - Dec. 1, 2021
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جامعة الاستقلال وبالتعاون مع كل من الإدارة العامة للمرور في جهاز الشرطة الفلسطينية وزرارة النقل والمواصلات ووزارة الصحة ونيابة الجرائم المرورية و جهاز الدفاع المدني الفلسطيني والهيئة المستقلة لحقوق الإنسان والهلال الأحمر الفلسطيني و وزارة الحكم المحلي و وزارة الأشغال العامة والإسكان ونقابة المحامين الفلسطينيين و الاتحاد الفلسطيني لشركات التأمين
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