Frequency and Attitudes of Using Hair Dyes among Palestinian Women
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Objective :  The objectives of the study were to identify the rate of using hair dyes among Palestinian women, preferences, motivations and attitudes  towards their use.
Methods:  A cross - sectional study was conducted between May and July 2011. A self - admi nistered questionnaire was used .
Results:  Among 200 females interviewed , 149 (74.5%) said that  they used hair dyes. Their reasons were to hide gray hair in 35 (23.5%), to improve  the outlook in 36 (24.2%), and to change and to follow the new trends in 78 (52.3%). Natural dye s (henna) were the choice for 38.9% . The main  reason behind the preference o f natural dyes was the belief they are safe r than chemical dyes.  A small percentage  used hair dyes during pregnancy,  and 21.5% thought that hair dyes may cause cancer.
Conclusion:  Use of hair dye is very common among females. The public should be informed about the risks associated with excessive hair dye use. Women should understand that natural dyes  such as henna  are not completely free from side effects. It is important to include  information on  the  ingredients on hair coloring packs and mention possibl e side effects  of both chemical and natural  hair dyes .

International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences ISSN - 0975 - 1491 Vol 5 , Suppl 2
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