In Vitro Activity of Some Medicinal Plants on Blood Coagulation
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The concern towards seeking for remedies devoid for unfavorable side effects have
prompted the interest for natural haemostatic agents discoveries. Therefore, the in vitro
activity of Aizoon hispanicum L. (Aizoaceae), Centaurea hyalolepis Boiss. (Asteraceae),
Heliotropim maris-mourtui Zohary. (Boraginaceae), Parietaria judaica L. (Urticaceae),
Polygonum arenarium Waldst. & Kit. (Polygonaceae) and Verbascum sinuatum L.
(Scrophulariaceae) on blood coagulation was evaluated in this study via the prothrombin
time (PT) and activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) analysis. Aqueous extracts
from the plant species under study were prepared to a final concentration equal to 50
mg/ml. Then, the in vitro PT and aPTT assays were conducted on normal platelet poor
plasma blood samples by a digital coagulation analyzer. Based on the obtained results, all
plant extracts revealed an effect on the coagulation cascade by increasing either PT or aPTT
or both except for V. sinuatum extract, which reduced only the aPTT value. Moreover, the
recorded PT values provided that A. hispanicum, H. maris-mortui, and P. arenarium
significantly prolonged the prothrombin time relative to the control (P < 0.05).
Additionally, the results clearly showed that V. sinuatum acted as coagulant agent based
on aPTT values, while all other plants, in contrast, acted as strong anticoagulants. Among
the studied plant species, A. hispanicum, H. maris-mortui and P. arenarium extracts
prolonged both PT and aPTT significantly (P < 0.05). This could be referred to their
additional effect on the common pathway. However, C. hyalolepis, P. judaica and V.
sinuatum had no significant effect on PT values (P > 0.05). In conclusion, the positive
recorded data from this research could serve as an identification of a novel, effective
haemostatic agents that improve the management of cardiovascular diseases, in addition to
further discovery in research and for commercial economic purposes.

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The Annual Conference of the Palestinian Society for Biological Sciences (ACPSBS): “Integrative Biology: diversity for sustainable life and bio-economy”
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Sept. 4, 2021 - Sept. 5, 2021
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Palestinian Academy for Science and Technology