Palestinian University Students’ Attitudes towards Teaching Pronunciation in English Language Courses
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Conference Paper




Intelligible pronunciation is one of the main components of communication. For this reason, correct pronunciation is of great importance and cannot be underestimated when learning English. This study aimed at investigating Palestinian undergraduate students’ attitudes towards teaching pronunciation in English language courses. To achieve this aim, the researcher designed an electronic questionnaire that consisted of 17 items and posted it on students’ LMS.   79 undergraduate students from various faculties at An-Najah National University completed the questionnaire. The study findings suggest that students aspire to acquire native-like, or at least, correct pronunciation of English, and they set it as one of their main goals when learning English. They showed overall   high motivation towards learning correct English pronunciation. This motivation has to do with their self-confidence in using the language and the benefits they will get if they master English pronunciation.

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International Conference on Language, Culture and Literature
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United Arab Emirates
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Oct. 1, 2021 - Oct. 2, 2021
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Academics World