The Protection of the insured party from arbitrary exemption conditions contained in the insurance policies (A comparative study under the Palestinian and Egyptian laws)
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This article deals with protecting the insured party from an arbitrary exemption clause in the insurance policies under the Palestinian Insurance Law No. (20) of 2005 and Chapter 3 of the Egyptian Civil Law No. (131) of 1948.  Given that insurance contracts are part of the adhesion contracts where the insured is considered the weak party, this article attempts to analyze the legal protection concept for the insured party from the abuse of insurance companies, mainly where the legislator invalidated the exemption agreement when the insurance document includes an exemption clause. This article also deals with how insurance companies apply the legal texts regulating the exception clause. Finally, this article attempts to determine the legal basis for protecting the insured from arbitrary conditions and the basis on which the trial judge bases upon the insured protection's approval.


Keywords: insurance contract, insurance policies, abusive conditions, insurance companies, the trial judge.

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