Self-rated health and psychological health among hypertensive patients in Palestine
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Conference Paper

The study has investigated the self-rated psychological health of hypertensive patients in Palestine. To that end, a stratified random sample of 502 hypertensive patients (aged⩾18years) was asked to complete a validated Arabic version of the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-28). After collection, the data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Mann–Whitney U test and logistic regression. In this study, it was found the mean scores for GHQ were statistically higher for females than males (p<0.05). The females were found to be 1.701 (95% CI=1.025–2.823) times more at risk of psychological disorders compared to males. In conclusion, improvement of social determinants of hypertensive patients can make a difference in their psychological/mental health.

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11th International Palestinian Conference For Laboratory Medicine
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Aug. 26, 2021 - Aug. 28, 2021
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PMTA President Award
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