The Levels of Critical and Creative Thinking and The Relationship Between Them Among Palestinian Universities Students in The West Bank
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The study aimed to investigate the levels of critical and creative thinking among Palestinian university students in the West Bank, furthermore, it aimed to discover the relationship between these two thinking styles. The study also examined the effects of gender, faculty type, academic year, and GPA in critical and creative thinking. An available sample of 414 Palestinian university students was selected. The California critical thinking skills and the cognitive processes associated with creativity test were utilized. An electronic questionnaire was designed to collect data. The results showed that the level of critical thinking among students was low by a percentage of (41%), While the level of creative thinking among them was moderate with a percentage of (61%). The correlation coefficient between the two thinking styles was significantly positive (r = 0.687). The results showed that students of human disciplines have more creative thinking skills than students of scientific disciplines. It was found that students with high GPA and those with advanced academic years are more critical thinkers than the others, and male students were better than female students in critical thinking. Based on these results; the study recommended that critical and creative thinking skills should be included in educational activities and practices at Palestinian universities.

Keywords: Critical thinking, Creative thinking, The Palestinian universities

heba sleem
مجلة دراسات الجامعة الاردنية
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