Hybrid renewable energy system for a remote area in UAE
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Conference Paper

The remote areas in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) doesn’t have access to the electricity grid, therefore the standalone hybrid power system uses to provide the electrical power required to meet the demand in these areas. The components of the hybrid system were selected and optimized for this area instead of bringing the gird to this area based on the load profile for the appliance household in the area. Thousands of simulation trials were performed using HOMER Pro to achieve the best renewable fraction and Levelized cost of energy (LCOE). The LCOE was found 0.34 $/kWh after including the capital, recourses, operation and maintenance, and replacement cost for the lifetime of the project which is 25 years. The unmet electrical load and shortage capacity were 0.0102 % and 0.0912 %, respectively. Furthermore, the environmental impact of the system was compared with the diesel energy system based on the carbon footprint and emission as in carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, unburn hydrocarbon, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide. The carbon footprint was 90.1 which equivalent to 1000 saving diesel gallons.

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2021 12th International Renewable Engineering Conference (IREC2021)
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April 14, 2021 - April 15, 2021
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Middle East University, Amman, Jordan
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