Travelling of the widow and the three time divorced female during the waiting period (Iddah) as ruled by the Holy Quran and Sunnah
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   The jurists have diverse opinions regarding the permissibility of the travelling of the three time divorced woman and the widow during the waiting period (Iddah). More clearly, the majority of the jurists have ascertained that a lady has to observe after the passing on of her husband or being divorced. She has to remain in the home and must not leave it unless there is a necessity or need.  She must not even stay out of her home or visit her relatives, sons or daughters as long as that necessitates staying and sleeping out of her home. Additionally, the majority of jurists have underlined that the lady during Iddah period is not allowed to travel even for Haj or Umrah as long as this necessitates travelling even if this deprives her of performing Haj. She is allowed to go out of her house for necessary needs during the day. Other jurists have ascertained that the widow is not allowed to do two things during Idda: marriage and beautification, whereas the divorced for thee times is not allowed to get married during this waiting period and consequently they are allowed to do anything else like going out for a need, work, visiting their families and relatives, travelling for Haj or Umrah and staying out, sleeping or living wherever they wish. This study has concluded that the most acceptable and supported opinion is the second opinion, which allows the woman to travel during Idda and this agrees with the Islamic Sharia and its purposes and more importantly with the wisdom and mercy of Allah, the Almighty. 

Key words: travelling a female during Idda, the divorced female, sleeping and staying out, marriage, beautification


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