Efficiency of Palestinian International Arbitration Chamber
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There are many causes of disputes between the owners and contractors. Since there are numerous conflicts between them, and each part hopes to achieve his aspiration. Disputes could be a result of contractors or owners, and other caused by general conditions, when the contractor being familiar with the causes of disputes, he will take all his precautions to avoid them. This paper will focus on causes of disputes to make all parties Familiar with these causes of disputes in order to minimize or to eliminate it if possible. The avoidance of disputes is very beneficial especially for the contractor to avoid the loss of money, time and the most important" his reputation". In this paper disputes focused on the interactions between owner or his representation and the contractor. In this paper the researcher gathered data about the causing of disputes from different resources of references, websites, engineering offices (consultants), construction companies and engineers. The disputes were generated mainly from owners, contractors, and general conditions and circumstances. The second step; the researcher designed the layout of questionnaire. It should be distributed to stakeholder such as construction companies, and engineering offices to fill the questionnaire. Then the questionnaire analyzed to recognize the main causes of disputes. In addition, the contribution of each part in causing disputes could be determined. According to analyzed questionnaire; the most hazard and frequent causes of disputes could be highlighted. Since the most frequent cause of disputes become obvious, so the solutions for them could be determined. Finally, the outcomes of analyzed questionnaire compose a list of remedial actions for each cause of disputes. The outcomes of this paper show that the most frequent cause of disputes is the general conditions, while the contractor should pay more attention in project management especially in planning phase. In addition, the owner has to pay the contractor his rights without temporization and to make a rapid response for the questions of the contractor. Finally, the owner must avoid any contradiction in contract documents.

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