Experiences of Kindergarten Teachers in Teaching Children with Down syndrome in Palestine (Nablus Governorate - Case Study)
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This study aimed to identify the experiences of kindergarten teachers in teaching children with Down syndrome, in terms of the challenges they face in the educational process, and the strategies they use to teach these children. The study followed a qualitative approach –case study-, where four kindergarten teachers were interviewed in Nablus. The study results showed that there were major challenges facing teachers in kindergartens when teaching a child with Down syndrome due to a number of reasons, including lack of experience in dealing with children with Down syndrome, and poor communication with their parents. This is in addition to using modern strategies in kindergarten classes. However, these were used for entertainment. The study recommended: holding training courses for all workers in the field of kindergartens on how to deal Down syndrome children, and standardize the kindergarten curriculum, thus facilitating the preparation of individual educational plans which take into account their special needs.

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