Legal Protection of the Famous Trademarks In Accordance with the Laws in Force in Palestine
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A trademark is considered to be one of the most important elements of intellectual property for its ability to distinguish goods and services from others, it is the fruit of the effort of the merchant who did the best he could to bring the product to its fame and gained the admiration of the public worldwide. The merchant aims to attract customers, control the market, compete legitimately and takes the trademark as a way to achieve it, the greater the fame of the brand, the greater its popularity and financial value. This leads others to try to take advantage of the reputation and popularity of this brand by simulating, copying or falsifying it, which harms the owners of trademarks and consumers and negatively affects the development of the national economy. The regulation of well-known trademarks is a national necessity and an international requirement, and therefore Arab laws and international conventions "The Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property and the Agreement on the Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights from International Trade" (TRIPS) all implemented special regulations of well-known trademarks. In Palestine, the Jordanian Trademark Law No (33) of 1952 is applicable in the West Bank and the Regulator of Trademarks in general; It did not establish special rules for the protection of wellknown trademarks, which imposes on the Palestinian judiciary and specialists the burden of searching for ways to protect these marks in accordance with the provisions of the Trademark Law and the general rules, judicial principles and practical familiarity with reality.

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