Computerized Cooperative Learning and its' Relationship with Students Motivation
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Nowadays educational systems aims to make education more efficient and effective, it seeks to focus on the learner by making him the central of educational process. One of the ways to do this that the teacher follows new strategies in his presentation for the educational material, and to use modern interactive means. This study aims to clarify the computerized cooperative learning strategy, the relationship for this strategy and students’ motivation towards learning. Problem statement lies in traditional methods prevailing in the classroom followed by teachers, which is primarily focused on the role of the teacher and educational material, and the student just recipients and listener, so it leads to aversion student from the school, he felt himself in appropriate boring place, in addition to decrease his motivation towards learning. This study used descriptive analytical approach, through the description of Computerized Cooperative Learning strategy, description and analysis of the relationship between this strategy and students’ motivation. This study reached to innovate in the ways of learning and the use of technological means, integrate it with learning will leads to motivate students, raised their motivation towards learning material, in addition to the significant benefits that derive from cooperative learning.

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