The City of al-Munakkab in the Andalusian Era, A Study of Cultural History (92-895 H.\711-1489 A.D)
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Original research

The city of Al-Munakkab is located on the Mediterranean coast, in the far south of Al-Andalus. It had many elements that enabled it to play an important political and cultural role in the Andalusian history. This study aims to identify and portray the cultural and civilizational aspects. It sheds light on its urban development and architectural monuments, such as castle, alcasaba, fences, towers, mosque and marina, and it deals also with its economy and the diversity of its crops, which included various irrigated and rainfed varieties. The research talks about the city as one of the most important trade centers on the Mediterranean, and finally; about its contribution to the Andalusian scientific movement by its judges, scientists and students.

مجلة جامعة الشارقة للعلوم الانسانية والإجتماعية
جامعة الشارقة
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United Arab Emirates
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