The Importance of Intellectual Capital in Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises in Jordan
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Conference Paper
Abstract: This paper aims to study the importance of Intellectual Capital (IC) in supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Jordan, in light of the importance of IC to maintain the competitive advantage of SMEs in the knowledge-based world of information technology that we live today. Furthermore, SMEs play major role in addressing the problems of poverty and unemployment in developing countries, including Jordan, and these companies employ about 71.4% of the workforce in the private sector and constitute a main source of GDP. One of the most important findings of this paper the need to adopt a national strategy to reduce the obstacles to the development of SMEs, the most important is taxes, in addition to the need to attract human resources (Human Capital) (HC) with expertise and efficiency because they constitute an important element in maintaining the competitive advantage of these companies. Keywords: Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Intellectual Capital, Human Capital, Poverty and Unemployment, Competitive Advantage.
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"المشروعات الصغيرة – التنمية، التمكين، التحديات" خلال الفترة من 22-24/ تموز / 2019
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June 22, 2019 - June 24, 2019
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جامعة عجلون الوطنية