Special Topic in English Language - 432580
Course Title
Special Topic in English Language
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Dr.Sufyan Abuarrah
Contact Information
[email protected]
Semester(s) and academic year(s)
Second Semester 2016
Compulsory / Elective
Course Description

This is a one-semester, topic-oriented course where students will be introduced to one topic in the English language. The topic of study in this course will be interlanguage pragmatics. It is at the intersection of second language teaching/learning and the study of pragmatics. Interlanguage pragmatics studies how foreign/second language learners understand and produce social action through the act of communication and how they develop the ability to do so (Cummings, 2010). Some important concepts in the study of interlanguage pragmatics are: context, competence, language performance, language assessment, culture, mother tongue interference, and culture. The min topics this course seeks to cover are:

  1. Pragmatics
  2. Second/Foreign language learning/teaching.
  3. Competence.
  4. Learners’ production and understanding of language as a social act.
  5. Culture and language learning.
Course Objectives
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