Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation - 432541
Course Title
Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
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Dr.Sufyan Abuarrah
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[email protected]
Semester(s) and academic year(s)
Second Semester 2014
Compulsory / Elective
Course Description

Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation is a graduate course designed to introduce the nature of oral interpreting between English and Arabic and the skills students need to achieve that. The course consolidates the foundation for students to undertake consecutive and simultaneous interpreting assignments in different professional and working environments. Students will be oriented to the basic skills of note-taking, public speaking, short and long memory exercises, comprehension and production skills. Throughout 48 training and practice hours, students will learn how to listen attentively and reformulate the message in the other language with speed and efficiency. For this, some keywords will be consistently applied through the course, such as accuracy, informativeness, and naturalness of the produced message.

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