Determinants and indicators of successful aging as a multidimensional outcome: a systematic review of longitudinal studies
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Background: Successful aging (SA) has been coined as a term to describe the
multidimensional aspects associated with achieving optimal combination of
physical and mental health along with social well-being health, mental and
social well-being at older age. In recent years there has been an increased
interest in understanding the role of determinants of SA, such as demographic,
biological, behavioral, psychological and social factors. To synthesize the recent
evidence, we conducted a systematic review of longitudinal studies on a range of
determinants and indicators of SA defined as a multidimensional outcome.
Methods: A systematic search of PubMed, MEDLINE and Web of Science for finding
eligible papers published between August 2016 and June 2023 was conducted
following the Preferred Reporting Items for a Systematic Review and Meta-
Analysis (PRISMA) guidelines. The review protocol was registered in PROSPERO
International Prospective Register of Systematic Reviews (Registration number:
CRD42021250200). The web-based automated screening tool–Rayyan–was
used for title and abstract screening. The study quality was assessed using the
Quality in Prognosis Studies (QUIPS) tool.
Results: A total of 3,191 records were initially identified using the predefined
search strategy. Out of 289 articles selected for full text screening, 22 were found
eligible and included in the review. A variety of factors have been explored in
relation to SA, ranging from socio-demographic factors, nutrition, lifestyle,
biological pathways, psychological health, and well-being. Overall, the results of
recent studies have confirmed the role of metabolic health, adherence to healthy
dietary patterns, such as the Mediterranean diet, physical activity, non-smoking,
and higher socio-economic status as main factors associated with higher odds
for SA. Emerging research highlights the role of psycho-social factors and early
life health as determinants of SA.
Conclusion: In summary, this review highlights the importance of healthy living
and monitoring metabolic risk along with sustaining psychological well-being in
adult life as major determinants of SA. Further methodological and research work
on SA would pave the way toward development of adequate health promotion
policies in aging societies.

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