Development and Validation of a Photographic Food Atlas as a Tool to Estimate Food Portions in Basic Palestinian Dishes
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Producing an accurate estimation of food intake is a challenge for both individuals and dietitians. Using advanced and validated methods of estimation is important to minimize estimation errors and provide accurate nutritional recommendations. Compared to classical methods, food photography has been reported to provide a better estimation of portion sizes with a higher degree of accuracy. This study aimed to develop and validate a photographic food atlas of basic Palestinian dishes that is reliable in producing accurate estimates of portion sizes and nutritional information.


To produce the photographic food atlas, the study followed a four-phase process beginning with a series of group discussions and consultations in Phase 1. The validation of the atlas using real Palestinian dishes and food photos was carried out in Phase 2. Portion size estimation was done in three measurements, i.e., in grams, milliliters, and household measurements (i.e., cups, tablespoons, scoops and others). The final phase saw the production of a draft food atlas.


Seven food groups that contained 25 food items were produced. For each group, an agreement was reached about the serving size and the measurement of each food item.  When measurements in gm/ml were used, strong correlations were found for seven food items (p<0.01), while moderate correlations were found for 12 food items (p<0.01). The rest of the items showed weak correlations. When household measurements were used, strong correlations were reported for Freekeh, apples, grapes, and lentil soup, while a weak correlation was reported for seeds. The rest of the items showed moderate correlations. Underestimation was prevalent in the estimation process using gm/ml as the unit of measurement. In contrast, when household measurements were used, the participants tend to overestimate the food’s portion sizes.


Photographic food atlas is a valid tool that can replace real food in the process of estimating the portion sizes of traditional Palestinian dishes with minimum error.

Keywords: Food intake, food atlas, photographic food atlas, food photography, nutritional assessment, Palestine dishes.

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