Prevalence and correlates of depressive symptoms among community dwelling elderly people in west bank region-Palestine: cross-sectional study
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Background: Geriatric depressive disorders affect the mental, cognitive and physical abilities in addition to nutritional status of older adults. Therefore, this study aims to determine the prevalence of geriatric depressive symptoms and its relationship with nutritional, functional and cognitive status among Palestinian older adults.Methods A cross-sectional study was conducted among 291 voluntary older adults, having a mean age of (70.4± 7.0). An interview-based questionnaire was used to obtain information related to socio-demographics, nutritional status, cognitive and functional status. Presence of depressive symptoms was defined according to GDS-15 score, if a participant obtained a score of 5 or more categorized as with depressive symptoms. The data collection started in 2017, finished in 2018.Results: A total of 291 older adults were involved in the final analysis. The results indicated that the prevalence of depressive symptoms is 51.9%. The mean scores of ADL, IADL and MOCA are (3.7±2.6, 5.7±2.2 and 18.8±4.9) respectively. Moreover, depression was significantly associated with marital status, educational and income level, employment status, and calculating ability. It was further found that individuals with depressive disorders are more likely to have a lower score of instrumental activities of daily living, a lower score of Montreal Cognitive Assessment, hypercholesterolemia, chewing and swallowing difficulties, and lack of appetite.Conclusion A considerable percentage of depressive symptoms was reported. Findings reveals that depressive symptoms is associated with multiple factors; socio-demographics, cognitive function, functional status and nutritional status. There is a need to screen and treat depressive symptoms to prevent their progression to severe mental health problems

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