Trends Towards Scientific Publishing for Postgraduate Students at the College of Education in AN-Najah National University
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Conference Paper

Today, universities have attached great importance to scientific publishing, as scientific publishing is an indication of the progress of universities, and one of the important criteria for classifying universities. The research universities encourage students at the postgraduate level to publish scientific papers, including what makes it compulsory. Based on that, this study aimed to explore the attitudes of post graduate students towards scientific publishing in terms of cognitive, applied and motivation aspects. As it aimed to identify the effects of demographic variables on students’ attitudes towards scientific publishing. The study followed the descriptive analytical approach. A questionnaire was prepared that included 24 items distributed over its three fields: the cognitive reality of scientific publishing, the applied reality of scientific publishing, and motivation towards scientific publishing, applied to a sample of 170 students from the College of Graduate Studies enrolled in educational programs in the second semester 2019/2020. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, t-test, and ANOVA. The results of the study showed that the field of student motivation towards scientific publishing ranked first, followed by the cognitive reality of scientific publishing, then the applied reality of scientific publishing came in the last rank. There were no statistically significant differences attributable to the gender and age variables in their attitudes towards scientific publishing, while PhD students were significantly better than master students in the fields of cognitive and applied reality of scientific publishing. Moreover, the results revealed that 84% from the study sample did not publish research.

Keywords: Attitudes, Scientific Publishing, Graduate Studies, Faculty of Education, Najah National University.

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مؤتمر الآفاق الريادية لنظم التعليم العالي في الوطن العربي
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April 28, 2021 - April 29, 2021
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