The Role of Cultural Heritage in Promoting The Intellectual Trends of Contemporary Interior Design
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Original research

The vocabulary of cultural heritage is the first pillar in determining the different intellectual trends of the schools of interior design, as they derive from the human needs associated with customs, traditions, religion, culture and popular arts that distinguish one group from another.

 Therefore, the problem of research is to determine the role of elements and determinants of cultural heritage in shaping the intellectual trends of interior design, especially contemporary ones.

The research aims to highlight the role and importance of the vocabulary of cultural heritage by influencing the formation and formulation of different conceptual schools of thought.

The research will also clarify the determinants and mechanisms of enhancing the elements of cultural heritage in the generation of contemporary intellectual trends in interior design.

The most important results of the research, one of the most important determinants of cultural heritage influence in shaping the trends of interior design, folklore elements, and tangible folklore.

Journal of Architecture,Arts and Humanistic Science
Arab Society for Civilization and Islamic Arts
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