Decomposition of olive-miles wastewater (Zibar) by clay supported ZnO under solar simulated light
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Decomposition of olive-miles wastewater (Zibar) by clay supported ZnO under solar simulated light

Ahed Zyoud1, Hikmat S. Hilal1, Ibrahem Nassar1, Mazen Salman2, Mahmoud Rahil2, Nabil Shahin2, Sajida Ewissat2, Ruba Abuamsha3

1Chemistry Departiment, An-Najah N. University, Palestine

2 Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie

3National Agriculture Research Center (NARC)


Keywords: Zibar; Clay suppoted ZnO; Photo-degradation; olive-mill wastewater


Abstract: Olive oil is one of the main economic sources for Palestine. Palestine average annual production is ~120,000 tons of olive fruits, yielding more than 200 thousand m3/annually of olive-mill wastewater (OMWW) or Zibar. OMWW is partly dumped randomly and cause pollution, while other reach plants. OMW is rich with organic materials (especially phenolic compounds) which may be hazardous. These organics are resistant to photolysis and biodegradation, and affect useful bacteria in soil. Many strategies and methods were suggested to eliminate risks of OMW and make it useful. Such strategies are expensive and/or not efficient.  In this work, the advanced oxidation process is used in treating the OMW. Natural clay supported ZnO is described here to photo-degrade OMWW under a solar simulated light. A special flow reactor has been constructed for this purpose. A composite of clay/ZnO was embedded as a thin layer in a glass container.  The OMW slowly flows over the catalyst layer with solar simulated radiations. More than 50% of the organic contents of OMWW are completely mineralized by this method within 30 h. The complete photo-degradation was confirmed by different analytical techniques (Spectrophotometry, HPLC, and Total organic carbon analysis).  The optimal photo-degradation parameters (pH, dilution factor, irradiation intensity, and others) were investigated. Results will be presented and discussed in this presentation.

Remark: the authors are thanking PADCO for financial support for this project.


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19 ديسمبر، 2018 - 21 ديسمبر، 2018
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Yield University Turkey
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