Performance of Assaf lambs fed two upgraded agricultural wastes
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Effects of ensiled green house wastes (GHW), alkali treated GHW and almond hulls (AH) on growth performance were studied on twenty- four Assaf lambs. All lambs were males with an average weight of 36.2 kg (S.D. = 2.1 kg) at the beginning of the experiment. Animals were randomly divided into four groups of 6 lambs each. Lambs in each group received individually corn-soybean meal (SBM) total mixed rations (TMR). Rations were incorporated with a fixed amount (200g/kg) of the treated raw ingredients: ensiled greenhouse wastes, alkali treated GHW and ensiled AH. All rations were isonitrogenous and isocaloric. The growth experiment lasted 80 d. Both chemical and biological treatments had significant effects on improving crude protein (CP) and fiber fractions. At termination of the experiment, lambs fed treated ingredients (i.e. ensiled GHW, alkali treated GHW, ensiled AH) had better (P < 0.05) feed conversion ratios and consumed less (P < 0.05) feed. Treated GHW and AH had no effect on average daily gain (P = 0.14) and total gain (P = 0.21). Cost of gain was significantly lower in lambs fed the treated ingredients.

Walailak Journal of Science and Technology
Institute of Research and Development, Walailak University
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