Sustainable Mobility and Urban Transformations in Palestine
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Sustainable cities are designed with considerations to minimize environmental impact, the required inputs such as of energy and water, and the resulting outputs of waste, heat, and air pollution. Sustainable mobility is a basic component to achieve a sustainable city.

Sustainable mobility depends on the concept of enabling the movement and transport in a community with the attempt to reducing the negative impacts, whether these are environmental impacts, social impacts, or economic impacts. Sustainable mobility tends to re-orient or develop a city where people are encouraged to choose to walk, cycle, and use public transport to move from one place to another. Designing such a city will help in many aspects, such as reducing congestion, increasing serviceability, and minimizing delay.

The concept of sustainable transport system in Palestine is still new and needs considerable development. The current Palestinian transportation system depends heavily on road vehicles whether private or public.

Transformating Mobility
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