Biological effect of two strains of microorganisms antagonistic to Botrytis cinerea: causal organism of gray mold on strawberry
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Trichoderma sp.(strain CI306) and Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (strain GAl) have shown antagonistic effect against Botrytis cinerea. These strains were formulated in an invert emulsion (water-in-oil). Conidia of strain CI306 or endospores of strain GA1 were firstly suspended in water, then introduced into the invert emulsion at the same time of mixing the ingredients. Invert emulsions developed in this study and designated IE. 1 and IE. 3 have the following characteristics: i) a high stability, with an emulsification rate of 99 to 100%; ii) a low and constant viscosity of 25 centipoises for IE. 1 and 35 centipoises for 1E. 3; iii) a high water content ranging from 20.4 to 34.6% for IE. 1 and from 16.8 to 18.6% for IE. 3 after 24 hours of application at 25 C and 66 to 81% atmospheric relative humidity respectively; and iv) an excellent survival of tested microorganisms after introduction into invert emulsions …

An-Najah National University
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