The use of entomopathogenic fungi for the control of stored-grain insects
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The present contribution discusses the recent advances in the biological control of stored-grain
insects with entomopathogenic fungi (EF). Thus, the effect of formulated vs. unformulated
strains of EF and the effect of combinations of EF with other components, i.e. diatomaceous
earths (DEs), chemical insecticides, natural products and natural enemies against storedproduct
insects are reviewed. Very few formulations of EF strains have been developed and
used, of which invert emulsion formulation (water-in-oil type) is considered the most
important. A synergistic effect of EF is produced by combining them with DEs, chemical
insecticides and natural products but not with natural enemies belonging to arthropods.
Moreover, since the action of EF against insect pests in general, and stored-grain insects in
particular, is compatible with the food safety and environmental regulations, a good
perspective for these biocontrol agents is expected as alternatives to synthetic insecticides. The
potential areas of future research on the effective use of EF as biocontrol agents of stored-grain
insects and the constraints that are associated with the registration and commercialization of
EF as biopesticides under storage conditions are also discussed. Suggestions for the possible
ways for implementation of this technology in storage systems are also provided in the present study

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