Title of the book: Agricultural Research Updates, volume 14. My contributed chapter in the Book is entitled: Recent advances in biocontrol of stored-grain insects using entomopathogenic fungi
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Due to the  lack of recent reviews on biocontrol of stored-grain insects with entomopathogenic fungi (EPF), the present article reviews the recent advances achieved in the subject. The relevant literature cited in this article indicates that many strains of EPF were used against these insects in unformulated form, but with a variable degree of efficacy depending on the virulence of the fungus strain used and the targeted insect species. However, very few investigators have tested certain types of formulations during application of EPF strains against stored-grain insects showing an improved efficacy, but  no registration of any type of these formulations so far has been done. The critical discussion of the article has thus revealed the lack of any commercially registered EPF product for biocontrol of insects under storage conditions. Also, the management programs of these insects did not contain any application of EPF biopesticides. Therefore, the present revision has critically identified the following potential areas of further and future research for an effective biocontrol of stored-grain insects with EPF: i) applying the effective  formulation(s) of EPF as biocontrol agents of stored-grain insects, then ii) integrating the most effective EPF formulations, after registration, in management or in IPM programs of these insects. The availability of registered products of EPF is still facing many problems of which acceptance of the stakeholders for introducing these pathogens into their storage facilities is the most important. Such registered EPF products will constitute an appropriate alternative means to synthetic insecticides and fumigants commonly used for the control of these insects

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