Transferability of Trip Generation Models for Palestinian Cities: Jericho and Salfit
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Trip generation modeling forms the basic and first step in the four-step urban transportation planning process. Very limited work has been done in this field in Palestine. The preparation of trip generation models requires extensive surveys, in depth analysis, and considerable time and effort for model development. Therefore, this study deals with examining the potential for transferability of estimated trip generation models between cities. This study includes two primary research objectives. The first objective is to predict current and future vehicular traffic trips generated from different traffic zones in Salfit City. The second objective is to study the spatial transferability of already estimated trip generation models for Jericho City to Salfit City.

This research considers a general model for all trips generated by a household, and then deals with trip generation models based on trip purpose. Five purposes were considered; work, educational, shopping, social, and recreational. A questionnaire was designed and utilized to collect data from a randomly selected sample of 256 households in Salfit City. The data were analyzed and trip generation models were then estimated. Regression analysis was conducted based considering potential sixteen independent variables. Each independent variable in each model was evaluated considering statistical tests such as Pearson’s correlation, P-value, T-test, F-test, the coefficient of determination, and variable inflation factor (VIF).

After developing trip generation models for Salfit City, the transferability of Jericho City models estimated in 2014 to Salfit City were studied, analyzed and compared to trip generation models outcomes generated first. Two approaches to test the transferability of the models were used; native transfer and updating model constants. The outcome of the verification of transferability tests for the trip generation models estimated for Jericho City to Salfit City show that most of models are transferable and others are not. The results show that transferability of trip generation models between cities is generally feasible and can save cost, time, and effort.

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2nd Palestinian International Graduate Conference on Natural, Medical and Health Sciences and Humanities
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20 إبريل، 2017 - 20 إبريل، 2017
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An-Najah National University