Modeling Travel Behavior Based on Household Characteristics
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This paper presents the relationship between travel behavior based on demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of households in the City of Jericho, within the context of trips generation. The significance of this study is being the first comprehensive study to correlate a city‑wide household travels to its characteristics in Palestine. Another significant part for the study is the consideration of different land uses to assess the correlation. This study uses a multivariable regression analysis (MRA) model to analyze the household collected data in order to correlate generated trips to the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of households. The study results revealed the most significant socioeconomic and demographic characteristics that are associated with quantifying the overall household’s travel behaviors in the City of Jericho. The importance of this paper is derived from being the first comprehensive large-scale travel behavior study that was conducted for an entire city in Palestine. The paper also paves the road to investigate the transferability of its findings to other Palestinian cities with different sizes.

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International Conference on Advances in Sustainable Construction Materials & Civil Engineering Systems (ASCMCES-17)
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الإمارات العربية المتحدة
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18 إبريل، 2017 - 20 إبريل، 2017
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University of Sharjah