A Pilot Study on Modeling Pedestrian Mobility within an Urban Environment Using Advanced Technologies
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The use of technology in urban transportation has a great impact in achieving better mobility, which reflects on the improvement of the economy and environment in cities. Such use would require massive utilization of transportation-related data within a smart city framework, in which smart transportation forms one of the basic pillars.

A pilot application of technology in Palestine has been made to study and analyze the pedestrian-related problem in crossing the busy arterial street in the study area in front of An-Najah National University New Campus in Nablus. This has been done through the analysis of spatio-temporal data collected using mobile phones’ GPS receivers. The collected data have been used to investigate the behavior and patterns of pedestrian movement and pedestrian speed. The collected spatio-temporal data has been used to represent the pattern of pedestrians movement using ArcGIS software, where the coordinates have been analyzed using Spatial Analysis Tools including Linear Average Mean and Hot Spot Analysis Tool.

The study results included identifying pedestrians’ behavior in terms of speed, flow rates, and direction of movement. The mean speed of pedestrians is found to be similar of typical values, but the analyses show that the direction of movement is found to be diagonal and scattered. It is highly recommended to work on this topic in the future considering the potential of continuous collection of data using 3G technology, which is expected to be available soon for the Palestinians after years of being forbidden by the Israeli occupation authorities.


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International Conference on Smart Cities Solutions
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30 أغسطس، 2016 - 31 أغسطس، 2016
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ENERBE/EU and the Islamic University-Gaza
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