A Pilot Study on Smart Search for Optimal Parking Space Allocation
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Smart cities are concerned with the implementation of the new technologies and systems, which demonstrate the relationships between virtual and physical environment through proper applications. Transportation systems are among the fields which have been taken into consideration in this research. A pilot study for the parking system at An-Najah National University-New Campus has been made as part of the attempt to look forward towards transferring the university into a smart one by 2020. Smart parking helps in managing the parking supply and in understanding the interaction between parking supply and demand. In addition, it helps in finding the optimal allocation of parking spaces, through determining the best route, therefore reduces the delay to achieve a better time management. The goal of the smart parking is having an efficient parking system which delivers real improvements in user service quality and provides real-time flexibility. Proper management and control of parking lots also help through utilization of available parking spaces (supply) most efficiently. Moreover, parking availability information contributes to better allocation of spaces to users and in allowing good distribution over parking facilities. One aspect of smart parking is being considered using advanced technology. An implementation of Geographic Information System to Transportation (GIS-T) has been used with the association of GIS applications and taking into consideration the impedance of travel time or the distance travelled to find the optimal system assignment. The results show the outcome of the system optimal allocation of parking stalls for a sample of instructors’ offices in Faculty of Engineering at An-Najah National University.

Journal of Engineering Research and Technology
Islamic University-Gaza
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